gay woman

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gay, homophile - someone who practices homosexuality; having a sexual attraction to persons of the same sex
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The incident has been described as a "hate crime" by the NST Campus theatre in Southampton, where the pair were performing in the play Rotterdam - a piece about a young gay woman.
She is a gay woman, she stresses hysterically, she doesn't want to live with a man, she loves Fiona and cannot accept a new life with Adrian.
CASSIE Stokes is happy to be the known as "the gay woman" on television if it means breaking stereotypes.
Desiree Akhavan and Maxine Peake star in which new Channel 4 sitcom about a gay woman who has realised she is also attracted to men?
he was to her that a taxi prosecutor His other victim was also a gay woman who Khan gave a lift to.
"Growing up as a gay woman in a rural area, I didn't have very many role models at the time so she was pushing a lot of boundaries and challenging stereotypes and was the only voice in my life that was saying it was okay to be a gay woman.
Page has really struggled with her identity as a gay woman, so she took part in the movie "Freeheld," which is a story about two women who pushed for gay rights, but one of them died of cancer.
Summary: London [UK], June 16 (ANI): In a historic move opposing the widespread homophobia prevalent in the Balkans, a gay woman was appointed as the new Prime Minister of Serbia.
Get Me Out Of Here "I am in many ways the most gay woman who has ever lived, but I have feelings for Andy Murray which are very, very wrong.
Get Me Out Of Here I am in many ways the most gay woman who has ever lived, but I have feelings for Andy Murray which are very, very wrong Scottish comedienne Susan Calman
But Karen said: "As a gay woman who has experienced horrendous homophobia, I feel confused that anyone could interpret anything in the rap as homophobic.
My children have only ever expressed pride in me as a gay woman. They've advocated for greater LGBT inclusion on campus and celebrated marriage equality in step with their generation's commitment to freedom.