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1. (Hunting) a hound such as a greyhound that hunts by sight rather than by scent
2. (Animals) another name for a Saluki



a hound, as an Afghan hound or greyhound, that hunts by sight rather than by scent.
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Her baffled dad asked around and, admittedly a tad desperately, I came up with the theory that greyhound was a corruption of gazehound.
We would watch the small mongrels trotting among the trees, heads upturned, hunting among the branches like arboreal gazehounds before transforming into miniaturized full-cry lion dogs at the least flicking of a bushy tail, then turning into HO-scale pit bulls as they rushed in to grab and hold any squirrel that might land wounded, and biting, on the ground.
Since my previous book, Gazehounds & Coursing, (North Star Press, 1977) had, despite the arcane subject matter, found a publisher, I assumed a narrative about a wilderness trek with a dog and a cat would leave me scrambling to keep up with a host of publishers bidding for first rights.