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Informal An indefinitely large number: "The crowd cheered wildly ... as gazillions of balloons poured down from the rafters" (Tom Shales).

[On the model of million, billion, etc.]


n, pl -lions or -lion
(often pl) an extremely large but unspecified number, quantity, or amount: gazillions of people turned up.
a. amounting to a gazillion: a gazillion types to choose from.
b. (as pronoun): I found a gazillion under the sink.
[C20: on the model of million]


(gəˈzɪl yən)
Informal. an extremely large, indeterminate number.
[1975–80; ga-, variant of ka- + zillion]
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Noun1.gazillion - a very large indefinite number (usually hyperbole); "there were millions of flies"
large indefinite amount, large indefinite quantity - an indefinite quantity that is above the average in size or magnitude
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PHL is one of the bigger film releases this Eid with a monster budget, a gazillion cameos and all-star cast.
'You can get a gazillion nurses for a Lineker' but that's not how the marketplace works in television."
Besides, Marcos said she has already answered the issue on her education a 'gazillion times.'
But Nicky, 40, said: "He'll admit we were one of a gazillion things he was responsible for.
It had everything that we felt like was done a gazillion times before.
Announcing her engagement on Instagram, Amy said: "YES A GAZILLION TIMES!!!!!
So, people expecting that gazillion of changes would appear in our country in future if opposition also comes forward (positively) as civilized nations did/do.
Being a private teacher and a local writer of Turbat where I have highlighted gazillion of complaints about city's burning issues to the newspaper for begging the concerned authorities attention towards taking actions for their eradication.
The 'Let's Green Turbat' team has launched a campaign for plantation of gazillion of trees for protecting the environment of the city which is already suffering badly due to climatic changes.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 29, 2018-Trion Worlds Acquires Assets of Gazillion Entertainment
Target: Gazillion Entertainment/ assets and production materials
ELTON JOHN: I'M STILL STANDING, A GRAMMY SALUTE ITV, 10.45pm CROCODILE Rockin' Rocket Man Elton John has announced his international farewell tour, much to the dismay of a gazillion fans worldwide.