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greatest common divisor


or g.c.d.,

greatest common divisor.
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Students typically enter the GCD program at the beginning of the 10th grade and make a three-year commitment to continue through to high school graduation.
Smadi [6] targeted Altera Cyclone IV FPGA family to design an efficient GCD (Greatest Common Divisor) coprocessor based on Euclid's method with variable datapath sizes.
Thus, to get largest non-overlapping square blocks, we take this gcd value as the block dimensions and number of blocks in both screen dimensions (RecHeight and RecWidth) are calculated accordingly.
Started in 1994, the GCD has grown to become the largest online repository of indexed comics with over 1,205,000 issues from over 65 countries.
GCD is a bilateral corneal disorder characterized by the deposition of small discrete sharply demarcated grayish-white opacities in the anterior central stroma.
Based on a negative result, patients can undergo the planned LASIK procedure, while in case of positive results for the genetic mutation, the person will be advised against undergoing LASIK surgery and advised instead to take protective measures, including minimising exposure to UV light by wearing protective lenses to help delay the progression of GCD symptoms.
If gcd , then Proof: We know that and the set is independent set of .
TA) said on Monday that it has received encouraging results from its phase I clinical trial of oral glucocerebrosidase (GCD), or Oral GCD (PRX-112), in patients with Gaucher disease.
None of those bills passed, but they will be introduced again in 2013, Sledge told GCD managers at the summit.
Can we, and how do we, apply the concept of GCD in this case?
We believe oral delivery of GCD has the potential to improve patients' quality of life without compromising the efficacy or safety of the treatment.
The retrofit GCD wall system (skin) is designed as a series of panels made from 1 in.