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It was later discovered Sammie had knocked the gear stick and sat in the driver's seat as the automatic drove off.
Gary had serious issues with the clutch and gear stick, which will make for hilarious viewing.
The interior has also received the carbon fibre and copper treatment, as well as the steering wheel and gear stick knob, which are upholstered in Alcantara.
Inside there is an aluminium clock, perforated leather on the steering wheel, gear stick and handbrake, as well as cloth seats with vinyl sides and backs.
A BIRMINGHAM taxi driver has had his licence suspended after police discovered his vehicle had half a gear stick.
It has a neat steering wheel with brushed aluminium inserts and a neat little gear stick that is smooth and fluid.
The leather-dressed steering wheel and handbrake also feature white stitching, as do the gear stick gaiter and unique, double-stitched floor mats.
The vehicle features a new three-slat chrome grille in place of the current four-slat one and a revised front bumper with restyled air intakes, new chrome garnish above the registration plate, rear parking sensors and extended taillight reflectors, new fabric upholstery, a 50:50 split for the third row seats, a new dark brown colour for the steering wheel and a new gear stick.
The interior was obviously designed with the mantra of 'less clutter, the better', with a rather unique gear stick consisting of a twist dial at the top of a vast arm rest peppered with small space-saving widgets like an electronic handbrake, keyless ignition and an array of switches to affect driving modes and traction.
They offer a large range of quality gifts from metal tape measure to gear stick cuff links.
Inside there are black velour floor mats with Fuchsia edging and logo while the dashboard, air vent surrounds and gear stick cap are finished in gloss white trim with a polka dot design on the upper part of the dash.
John Costello said that his 12-week-old puppy, Rosie, was so excited Sunday after going for a walk at Bolivar Pond in Canton that she jumped in his running car, hit the gear stick and shifted into drive, before falling onto the gas pedal and sending the car careening into the water.