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n. pl. geck·os or geck·oes
Any of various chiefly nocturnal tropical and subtropical lizards of the family Gekkonidae, characteristically having toe pads covered with numerous tiny bristles that adhere to vertical surfaces.

[Javanese ge'kok.]
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n, pl -os or -oes
(Animals) any small insectivorous terrestrial lizard of the family Gekkonidae, of warm regions. Their digits have adhesive pads, which enable these animals to climb on smooth surfaces
[C18: from Malay ge'kok, of imitative origin]
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(ˈgɛk oʊ)

n., pl. geck•os, geck•oes.
any small, mostly nocturnal tropical lizard of the family Gekkonidae, usu. having toe pads that can cling to smooth surfaces.
[1705–15; < New Latin gekko < Dutch]
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Noun1.gecko - any of various small chiefly tropical and usually nocturnal insectivorous terrestrial lizards typically with immovable eyelidsgecko - any of various small chiefly tropical and usually nocturnal insectivorous terrestrial lizards typically with immovable eyelids; completely harmless
lizard - relatively long-bodied reptile with usually two pairs of legs and a tapering tail
flying gecko, fringed gecko, Ptychozoon homalocephalum - a gecko that has membranous expansions along the sides of its body and limbs and tail that enable it to glide short distances
banded gecko - any of several geckos with dark bands across the body and differing from typical geckos in having movable eyelids; of United States southwest and Florida Gulf Coast
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[ˈgekəʊ] N (geckos or geckoes (pl)) → geco m
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n pl <-os or -oes> (Zool) → Gecko m
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SEVEN geckos found abandoned in a Gateshead park have had their lives saved by a dedicated veterinary nurse.
Now three of the geckos have been rehomed, while Rebecca has adopted four herself.
Many animals carry salmonella bacteria in their gut, including frogs, snakes and geckos.
In case you've ever wondered, geckos are able to climb walls because there are tiny hairs on their feet that make use of something called "van der Waals" forces, which operate at a molecular level.
250 live geckos from Hong Kong seized by Customs at NAIA !-- -- Rudy Santos (The Philippine Star) - October 17, 2018 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines The Bureau of Customs (BOC) seized yesterday 250 live geckos shipped from Hong Kong.
Several genetic studies indicate that this diversity may still be underestimated, especially within some groups containing morphologically similar species like the nocturnal geckos of the genus Asaccus.
GUELPH, Ont., July 28, 2018 -- Canadian researchers have discovered the type of stem cell that allows geckos to create new brain cells, providing evidence that the lizards may also be able to regenerate parts of the brain after injury.
Aunque no existe absoluta certeza de si el caso de canibalismo aqui reportado se dio sobre un individuo cazado por el predador o sobre uno encontrado muerto, consideramos lo primero como lo mas probable, dada la estrategia de forrajeo de los geckos, que consumen presas vivas y con una alta movilidad (Huey y Pianka 1981).
A California man&nbsp;sued Heineken, claiming he found two geckos in his beer can.
According to security agencies and wildlife officers working in Northeastern states, hundreds of locals are now selling tokay geckos to international wildlife traffickers, who smuggle them to centers of Chinese medicine across Asia.