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(jē′wĭz′, -hwĭz′)
adj. Informal
Marked by or inducing a sense of wide-eyed wonder or excitement, as in response to an amazing achievement: "The book seems a little too gee-whiz even for describing what everyone does admit is a revolution" (Savvy).
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informal impressive or amazing: gee-whiz special effects.
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gee′ whiz′

[1880–85, Amer.; appar. euphemistic alter. of Jesus, with final syllable replaced by whiz]


arousing or designed to arouse wonder, admiration, or enthusiasm: gee-whiz electronic gadgetry.
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"Gee-whiz, but that scared me out of a year's growth."
File this under "Gee-whiz, Captain Obvious"--Political Correctness once again reared its rotting, pus-filled head at the recent Academy Awards ceremony.
It seems that the facilities industry lags a bit behind the advances being made on the tech side, which, despite all of the gee-whiz hype, amount to computers doing what they do best--the repetitive tasks that bore humans to tears.
There is a distinct change of tone in the middle of the story, when the initial "gee-whiz" excitement of the autonomous car's extreme capabilities begins to fade into the background of a complex stew of romantic and other growing-up problems experienced by the four teens.
("Shoptalk: Only Entrepreneurs Will Save Journalism," July 2017) Hoping that somewhere, somehow, there will be a gee-whiz technology moment for a business model that will reverse the current trend with the news industry seems less than a solution than a parent reassuring a child that everything will work out in the end.
And second, the animals and environments on offer aren't nearly as exotic--mostly wolves and wild horses--limiting the gee-whiz factor to audiences younger than might have turned out for the pair's acclaimed earlier collaborations.
The gee-whiz aspects of big dinosaurs and other bizarre critters aren't the meat of the book; it's Prothero's careful description of 25 fossils that offer an overview of the progression of plants and animals in the last 3.5 billion years.
Some of the gee-whiz technologies going into new cars--hands-off parking, say--seem more like an excuse for showing off than a real advance.
What's most striking about Inside Out isn't its inside-the-brain gee-whiz design, but that it's probably Pixar's most directly human story yet: An 11-year-old girl, growing up.
Genetic privacy is a hugely complicated problem ("10 Breakthrough Technologies: Internet of DNA," March/April 2015), but MIT Technology Review treats it as some sort of side note or inconvenience in the way of the latest gee-whiz technical development.
Kasem weaved stories around the songs, anecdotes about interactions with fans or gee-whiz tales about how stars got their starts.
It's not that the device doesn't deliver enough gee-whiz factor for weather geeks, or provide at least some utility for a number of outdoor activities--including watersports (we used it on a boat where it was helpful for docking).