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 (jē′gô′, gē′-)
Variant of gewgaw.
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"Mind you, the light-fingered jacko who shagged off with my trophy may have solved a problem for me in obviating the need for me to make a decision as to which of my two sons will inherit the plastic geegaw."
Watch everyone at the BBQ Geegaw skyward, & then after
Imindmatters TRYSTWILLIAMS On a dank Thursday night in January the half-glimpsed die represented so much more than the cheap plastic geegaw it so patently was.
The very word 'baroque' derives (via French in the 18th century) from a Portuguese word for a misshapen pearl and there is a splendid example of such an excrescence turned into a delightfully unnecessary bejewelled geegaw from Dresden at the outset of the show, richly scattered with diamonds and emeralds.
No matter whether or not it's a just war, if I had a family member over there, I would expect them to be provided with every gadget, gizmo and geegaw available.
GH geegaw / heehaw GJ gagman / jajman GL gadger / ladler GN agog / anon GP gurgle / purple GS gouge / souse GV Galga / valva GY dogleg / doyley GI wagwag / Waiwai GK gong / konk GM gorgon / Mormon GO gleg / oleo GR gugal / rural GT disgorged / distorted GW Gheg / whew GZ gange / zanze
I'll bet you added some geegaw or widget to it the first time you had a little jingle in your pockets.
The large corpus of souvenirs were derisively labelled "whimsy," "geegaw," "curio," "knickknack" and "trinket" indicating their bargain-basement status.
Suddenly we're all wandering about with moon eyes remembering sweatbands, hula-hoops, skateboards, frisbees or whatever particular plastic geegaw was elevated to become "the craze" when we were kids.
He has turned them into children's characters, via books, CDs, T-shirts, pens, fridge magnets and every other geegaw going.
I love the novelty of having a giant tree covered with garish geegaws in my sitting room.