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a.1.(Chem.) Pertaining to, or derived from, earthy or vegetable mold.
geic acid
(Chem.) See Humin.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The GEIC - delivered by Arcadis, Laing O'Rourke Construction and Raphael Vinoly Architects - is the first new building in 40 years on the University of Manchester's North Campus and will act as a regeneration catalyst to promote the area as a future 'Graphene City'.
For all its academic credentials, however, it is these industrial partners that represent the hopes for the GEIC's success.
Siguiendo con el mundo academico, en la CAPV destaca la labor del grupo de GEIC (Grupo de Investigacion Etica, Informacion y Ciudadania), de la EHU-UPV.
The 8,400sqm GEIC building, designed by architect Rafael ViEoly, is located on The University of Manchester's North Campus.
The GEIC will enhance collaboration between corporate partners and academics in graphene and related 2D materials research, including a partnership between the University of Manchester and Masdar Institute, part of the Khalifa University of Science and Technology.
The GEIC after hearing the arguments of PTI, PPP, PML-N and Election Commission of Pakistan counsels and recorded the statements of 69 witnesses, including the judicial officers who acted as Returning Officers in elections 2013, journalists, NGOs and the politicians and the Pakistan Printing Corporation officials and the Elections Commissioner office bearers for more than two months prepared report on 22nd July.
Livre-docente na Escola de Comunicacoes e Artes da Universidade de Sao Paulo, atua nas areas de Propaganda e Publicidade, Comunicacao Visual e Marketing, em graduacao e pos-graduacao, e lidera o GEIC, Grupo de Estudos da Imagem em Comunicacao.
29) cwe[thorn]an [ETH]a cwae[eth]on his apostolas, drihten, geic urne geleafan.
GEIC seems to have evolved into a more focused company than it was five or ten years ago, with a more limited portfolio...