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 (gā′shə, gē′-)
n. pl. geisha or gei·shas
A Japanese girl or woman who is trained to entertain professional or social gatherings of men with conversation, dancing, and singing.

[Japanese : gei, art, skill (from Middle Chinese ŋjiaj`; also the source of Mandarin ) + sha, person (from Middle Chinese tʂia´, pronoun for the head of a relative clause; also the source of Mandarin zhě).]


n, pl -sha or -shas
a professional female companion for men in Japan, trained in music, dancing, and the art of conversation
[C19: from Japanese, from gei art + sha person, from Ancient Chinese ngi and che]


(ˈgeɪ ʃə, ˈgi-)

n., pl. -sha, -shas.
a Japanese woman trained as a professional singer, dancer, and companion for men.
[1890–95; < Japanese, =gei arts (< Chinese) + -sha person (< Chinese)]


A Japanese word meaning art person, used to mean a young woman trained in the arts of music, dancing, and conversation to act as a professional companion for men.
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Noun1.geisha - a Japanese woman trained to entertain men with conversation and singing and dancinggeisha - a Japanese woman trained to entertain men with conversation and singing and dancing
Japanese, Nipponese - a native or inhabitant of Japan
adult female, woman - an adult female person (as opposed to a man); "the woman kept house while the man hunted"
غيشافتاة الجيشا اليابانيَّه


[ˈgeɪʃə] N (geisha or geishas (pl)) → geisha f


[ˈgeɪʃə] ngeisha f

geisha (girl)

nGeisha f


(ˈgeiʃə) noun
(often geisha girl) a Japanese girl trained to entertain (men) by her conversation, dancing etc.
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My mistress rented it unfurnished, and put in the regular things--1903 antique unholstered parlour set, oil chromo of geishas in a Harlem tea house, rubber plant and husband.
There is The Grudge with Michelle Gellar, and Memoires of a Geisha is due to come out next year." Such love extends to more than just food and movies, however.
Sexy singer Charlotte Church is learning how to keep her man happy - by reading a book about geisha girls.
Both technology and tradition--as represented by the visual tropes of geisha and kawati style, for instance--were predictably but effectively shown up for their hidden violence.
For most Westerners, the word geisha conjures up the vague fantasy of a sex worker crossed with an artist, perhaps similar to the European courtesans of the last century.
A thin 150-pages or so of large-type, Pimpnosis details the adventures of players and pimps from conflicted young Sherm ("He wanted his name to ring bells from state to state, but sometimes he'd get into dark moods that would leave him incapacitated and shut in for weeks"), to old school brain-pimp Charmaine ("Tomiko is my ghetto geisha. She's top of the line, but it's more than the looks with Tomiko.
Many Asian American girls endure humiliating labels like "china dolls," "geisha girls" and "ornamental Oriental," writes Nam.
in July 1998 with geisha at a Japanese-style restaurant to attract the company's headquarters and a factory to the city.
Arthur Golden, scheduled to appear at Town Hall this month, talks to Kay Kipling about his best-selling "Memoirs of a Geisha" and more.
KYOTO, Japan, Sept 3, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - With Geiko and Maiko numbers decreasing year by year, Geisha Japan are looking at ways to increase support for this amazing part of Japanese culture.
With a giant rainbow flag draped from its second story railing, Buddha-Bar Manila recently celebrated Pride Month with the Geisha Night soiree featuring event-exclusive cocktails.
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