substantia gelatinosa

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sub·stan·ti·a ge·lat·i·no·sa

 (səb-stăn′shē-ə jə-lăt′n-ō′sə)
A narrow, dense, vertical band of gray matter forming the dorsal part of the posterior column of the spinal cord whose gelatinous appearance is due to its very low content of myelinated nerve fibers. It functions in the integration of sensory stimuli that give rise to the sensations of heat and pain.

[New Latin substantia gelatinōsa : Latin substantia, substance + New Latin gelatinōsus, gelatinous.]
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MSCs have been isolated from sources such as skeletal muscle, adipose tissue, dental tissue, synovial membranes, placenta, cord blood, and a gelatinous substance found in the umbilical cord, as well as bone marrow.
At the height of the boom, rumors spread that some producers were using toxic chemicals like formalin to speed up the natural chemical process that produced the gelatinous substance from coconut water, and to prolong shelf life.
On microscopic examination, the mass consisted of a proliferation of fusiform cells which formed a palisade pattern (Antoni A type) and the regions were composed of mixoid and degenerated tissue with fewer cells and a gelatinous substance (Antoni B type) (Figure 2).
Cut section shows predominantly solid areas along with cystic areas containing yellowish gelatinous substance and altered hemorrhagic fluid.
13) This gelatinous substance contains 96% water and 75 active properties such as vitamins, enzymes, minerals, sugars, salicylic acids, and amino acids.