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geld 1

tr.v. geld·ed, geld·ing, gelds
1. To castrate (a horse, for example).
2. To deprive of strength or vigor; weaken.

[Middle English gelden, from Old Norse gelda.]

geld 2

A tax paid to the crown by English landholders under Anglo-Saxon and Norman kings.

[Middle English geld and Medieval Latin geldum, both from Old English geld, gield, payment.]
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Adj.1.gelded - (of a male animal) having the testicles removed; "a cut horse"
castrated, unsexed - deprived of sexual capacity or sexual attributes
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"Rationality gelded to sentiment," the White Logic grins.
CHAMPION jumps trainer Paul Nicholls, Nigel Twiston-Davies and Ed Dunlop were among nine trainers fined a total of PS1,500 by a BHA disciplinary panel yesterday following a rise in the number of failures to notify the authority when horses have been gelded.
He showed progressive form last autumn after being gelded and on his final start of the campaign he beat a big field in fine style at Newmarket in October.
Scarpeta 4.15 Wolverhampton SP forecast 7-4 Well held in four all-weather maidens last season but gelded over the winter and progressive since upped in trip this year.