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Noun1.gelly - a type of dynamite in which the nitroglycerin is absorbed in a base of wood pulp and sodium or potassium nitrate
dynamite - an explosive containing nitrate sensitized with nitroglycerin absorbed on wood pulp
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L.; Gelly, K.; Jackman, M.L.; Patel, A.; Simeoni, M.; Rennie, M.J.
The operations along San Andres Street, Barangay 704 in Malate, Manila led to the arrest of six individuals identified as Rostum Dal, 25; Jaime Orca, 50; Arlene Lopez, 29; Joan Briones, 43; Gelly Bohawe, 31; and, Marlon Solas, 25.
Leading female journalists like Nang Sevilla, Doris Nuyda, Betty Belmonte, and Gelly Mendoza wrote complimentary columns about the "preschoolers who preferred to work on puzzle maps of the world, lay out the Golden Decimal beads, set the table with breakable breakfast plates, and use real electric iron without thought of playing.
The headlines read - Terrible Accident in the Gelly (sic) Pit - Melancholy Termination of a Pleasure Trip - Lady Visitors Crushed by a Tram - Shocking Injuries to Miss Skyrme and Miss Cassy John."
In relation to sectioning block preparation, most authors indicated direct specimen cutting without using any substance to easily manipulate the specimen (von Hagens, 1986; Eckel et al.; Sora et al, 2002; Scali et al, 2015a,b), other authors used gelly to inmerse the specimen (Nash et al, 2005a,b; Liang et al, 2014) and polyurethane foam (Ottone et al, 2016; Present study).
Moreover, many companies had the option of using thermoelectricity and self-generation to provide energy (Gelly 2010; Gelly 2003).
"Gelly is invaluable in this whole process," said Chris Getz, the White Sox's director of player development.
Usually I draw the main image with a Micron pen or a white Gelly Roll pen and add details or color in the background with cheap colored pencils, watercolor or my classroom's Crayola markers.
Funeral Wednesday, Jan 10, Public Service at Gelly Chapel, Llawhaden at 12.45p.m.
wt., I/V and local application of Lignocaine gelly. Manual removal of urolith was undertaken (Fig.
During the trial mix study to determine replacement ratios of admixtures (MK or C) with cement, concrete mixture made with 25% calcite replacement with cement was seemed as a gelly concrete rather than self-compacting concrete.