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A calcium-regulated actin-binding protein that breaks cytoskeletal actin filaments into smaller pieces, thus transforming the actin network (or gel) into a colloidal solution and influencing cell morphology, motility, and apoptosis.

[gel + sol (since it works upon actin to transform cytoplasm from a gel to a sol) + -in.]
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Plasma gelsolin and circulating actin correlate with hemodialysis mortality.
Other identified spots included gelsolin, vimentin, gamma enolase, ATP synthase and cytoskeletal protein.
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The purpose of the present study was to evaluate caspase-3 and gelsolin levels in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and plasma associated with secondary damage after SCI, and to evaluate the effects of methylprednisolone and sildenafil on caspase-3 and gelsolin levels as markers of neuroprotection after SCI.
Gelsolin down-regulates lipopolysaccharide-inducedintraamniotic tumor necrosis factor-a production in the midtrimester of pregnancy.
Loss of overall cell shape is probably due to the cleavage of cytoskeletal proteins such as fodrin and gelsolin (Kothakota, 1997) and finally the plasma membrane blebbing seems to be caused by the cleavage of PAK2, a member of the p21-activated kinases family (Rudel and Bokoch, 1997).
We have identified [beta]-actin, tropomyosin, gelsolin and myosin (non-muscle) as the binding partners of MT-3.
Caspase-3 action occurs downstream in the apoptotic pathway and involves in cleaving important substrates such as gelsolin, fodrin, actin, and poly ADP-ribose (Todor et al.
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