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Noun1.gem cutter - one who cuts and shapes precious stones
cutter - someone whose work is cutting (as e.g. cutting cloth for garments)
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Some standouts include 'rainbow calsilica' from Mexico consisting of dyed colour-banded calcite of an unknown (but clearly manufactured) origin; 'night-glowing pearls' that display strong green fluorescence and phosphorescence due to a coating containing rare-earth elements; various fake mineral specimens and gem crystals; and 'Arabian sand diamonds' consisting of quartz pebbles that were collected in Saudi Arabia by unsuspecting clients and then supplied to a gem cutter, with the resulting 'gems' actually being faceted cubic zirconia.
A prominent gem cutter in New York who had worked with Vaidya previously on another important emerald was consulted, and after much deliberation, the hefty stone found its way to the Rose atelier to be shaped into the stunning ' La Reina'.
Expert gem cutter Gordon Maclean Lardy examines a citrine stone
Carrera y Carrera was founded in the Spanish capital in 1885 by Jos Esteban, a gem cutter who learned his craft from Parisian masters.
The city also has some extras -- a glorious main street, fishing and rafting on the Animas River, Fort Lewis College, and economic leadership that seems, like a veteran gem cutter, both cautious and farsighted.
The wacky flat, above his beauty salon The Gem Cutter, has something for everyone in his family.
Here, the swing of the player is transformed into that of "the gem cutter splitting/money from a stone," and "the stroke of the winner coming/down on the ball" is "the stroke/of the whip, and pick stroke,/the black hand plucking/diamonds from the mine."
Gem Cutter For eons, geologic forces worked to form pockets of mineral deposits that dot much of the globe.
Gemmologist and accomplished gem cutter Dr Egor Gavrilenko (Instituto Gemologico Espanol, Madrid, Spain) was joined by award-winning faceter Victor Tuzlukov (Russian Faceters Guild, Moscow) to discuss factors that affect the quality of faceting of coloured gemstones, and also the considerations for producing precision-cut gems including facet design, optimization of angles and proportions based on RI, and the various stages of gem cutting.
These days, gem cutters, jewelry designers and garment-makers are still flourishing in one of India's most popular tourist and shopping destinations, part of the Delhi-Agra-Jaipur Golden Triangle.
There are no courses for gem cutters, gemologists, or goldsmiths in Kenya.