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A large antelope (Oryx gazella) of arid regions of southern Africa, having long spearlike horns and distinctive black and white markings on the head.

[Afrikaans, from Dutch, from earlier German Gemsbock (now spelled Gämsbock) : Gemse, chamois (from Middle High German gemeze, from Old High German *gamiza, probably of pre-Roman Alpine origin and akin to Late Latin camox; see chamois) + Bock, buck (from Middle High German boc, from Old High German).]
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(ˈɡɛmzˌbʌk) or


n, pl -bok, -boks, -buck or -bucks
(Animals) South African another word for oryx
[C18: from Afrikaans, from German Gemsbock, from Gemse chamois + Bock buck1]
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n., pl. -boks, (esp. collectively) -bok.
a large African antelope, Oryx gazella, having long, straight horns.
Also called oryx.
[1770–80; < Afrikaans]
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Noun1.gemsbok - large South African oryx with a broad black band along its flanksgemsbok - large South African oryx with a broad black band along its flanks
oryx, pasang - large African antelope with long straight nearly upright horns
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n pl <-boks or collectively -bok> (Zool) → Gemsantilope f
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At the end of his two hours, Kennedy returned with a string of fat partridges and the haunch of an oryx, a sort of gemsbok belonging to the most agile species of antelopes.
JD and I spent several weeks in Africa taking a wide variety of plains game including gemsbok, wildebeest and kudu.
The reports specify 'Mogashoa breeds buffalo, sable antelope and roan antelope, as well as common plains game such as impala and gemsbok.'
Unmindful of the super bumpy roads and tough terrain, it left me breathless to see the gemsbok, caracal lynx, chameleon, adder, and gecko.
I've returned to Africa a few times since, notably wingshooting rock pigeons in the Free State and hunting in the snow for gemsbok and Cape kudu high among the Drakensberg mountains.
The Roan, Sable and Gemsbok are doing better but their existence outside reserves and protected areas is hardly assured and the Giant Sable subspecies from Angola is on the verge of extinction.
While domestic livestock are not grazed in much of this area, non-native South African gemsbok Oryx gazella co-occur with prong-horn.
Later, in Namibia, I used the big Remington to take the kind of game a fast .30 is well-suited for: kudu, gemsbok, zebra, hartebeest and an exceptionally long shot on a big warthog.
This male gemsbok was taken at 165 y yards off of a set of second generation Primos trigger sticks after a two-hour a stalk.