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 (gə-mo͞ot′lĭk-kīt′, -müt′lĭKH-)
Warm friendliness; amicability.

[German, from gemütlich, congenial; see gemütlich.]


the quality of being gemütlich


or ge•muet•lich•keit

(gəˈmut lɪxˌkaɪt. -ˈmʊt-; Ger. -ˈmüt-)

warm cordiality; congeniality.
[1890–1900; < German]
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The tunes will be courtesy of real Bavarian bands flown in from southern Germany and promises to have you dancing on the tables to hits like Zikke Zakke and Ein Prosit der Gemutlichkeit.
Annual events like the upcoming Wurstfest Craft Beer Festival, Gruene Music and Wine Fest, Wein & Saengerfest, and Wurstfest, a 10-day Octoberfest-styled celebration of sausage, fill the calendar with gemutlichkeit -- a state of happiness.
So often in this account under Nelsons' empowering baton woodwind solos, and especially those from Laurence Jackson's violin, evoked the wistfulness which lies at the heart of so many of Elgar's scores, and counterbalanced the roistering Gemutlichkeit of this tone-poem's more self-aggrandising moments.
He describes it with the German word: gemutlichkeit -- comfort or coziness.
The enjoyment of black folks pervades the book, but that Gemutlichkeit is dominated by a Calvinistic conviction of the superiority of whiteness and an oblique, distant contempt for black capability.
It ended: "In America, where Gemutlichkeit is shunned, where prepacked fast-food is considered a time saver so that one can 'five' freer, and where eroticism is expressed through voyeurism, how can an artist like Franz West be understood?
The central role of the poet's persona in the German Lied leads Rutter to discuss Hegel's ethnological view of the Germans' Gemutlichkeit, their soulfulness, interiority and depth of soul, before going on to explain Hegel's evaluation of Goethe's West-dstliche Divan in terms of it.
More importantly, there is a sense of friendship, though not the worn, ersatz concept of gemutlichkeit.
Paige said she loves learning Greek and Latin word roots, as well as German words like gemutlichkeit, which means comfortable or friendly.
So let us relax and bask in the glow Of our usual great good gemutlichkeit.
Full of German gemutlichkeit, or "friendly coziness," the 60+ rooms include white wood paneling and modern amenities, with pool, sauna, and massage services offered on premises.
The ostrich farmer claimed that the shock of the noise from the firecrackers had filled the bird with welt schmerz, preventing him from cultivating proper gemutlichkeit with two female ostriches.