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"And now let's be thankful for Gen. Pinkney and this veal roast."
Gen. Pinkney's brother was once Minister to Bolivia."
you don't remember Bob, then, as you gen the pocket-knife to, Mr.
An' there was niver nobody else gen me nothin' but what I got by my own sharpness, only you, Mr.
Gen.: Hesiod (says there were so called) because they settled in three groups: `And they all were called the Three-fold people, because they divided in three the land far from their country.' For (he says) that three Hellenic tribes settled in Crete, the Pelasgi, Achaeans and Dorians.
** August Messer, "Experimentell-psychologische Untersuchu gen uber das Denken," vol.
If he's anything of a gen'l'm'n, he's vurth a shillin' a day, let alone the arrands.' Stimulated by this inspiring reflection, Mr.
They puts things into old gen'l'm'n's heads as they never dreamed of.
Puc.--Paisans, pauvres gens de France."--King Henry VI
LES GENS DU COMMUN NE TROUVENT PAS DE DIFFERENCE ENTRE LES HOMMES." The typical and unvarying Hodge ceased to exist.
Bayle thus characterises this Life of Aesop by Planudes, "Tous les habiles gens conviennent que c'est un roman, et que les absurdites grossieres qui l'on y trouve le rendent indigne de toute."
They still piled the brushwood round the base of the tower, and gambolled hand in hand around the blaze, screaming out the doggerel lines which had long been the watchword of the Jacquerie: Cessez, cessez, gens d'armes et pietons, De piller et manger le bonhomme Qui de longtemps Jacques Bonhomme Se nomme.