gender bender

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gender bender

or gen·der-ben·der (jĕn′dər-bĕn′dər)
n. Slang
1. One whose dress or behavior does not conform to conventional gender roles.
2. Something, such as a theatrical performance or a book, whose portrayal of gender roles is nontraditional or androgynous.

gen′der-bend′ing (-bĕn′dĭng) adj. & n.

gen′der bend`er

Informal. one, as a cross-dresser, that blurs differences between the sexes.
gen′der-bend`ing, adj.
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Led by the charismatic, not to say loopy, Teri Gender Bender, pictured, they are currently on a massive European tour to showcase latest album A Raw Youth which will see them play Paris, Milan, Barcelona and London as well as downtown Coventry.
Among the new terms are brocom/bromantic, bullet time, epistolary film, gender bender, LED lighting, reunion film, and wire fu.
In one post he claimed a chemical called Bisphenol A, used in everyday products such as water bottles, "causes gender bender tendencies".
To his parents he will always be David Robert Jones but to the rest of the world he is David Bowie: Pioneer, rock god, gender bender and all-round legend.
New to the Rodriguez-Lopez mix is Bosnian Rainbow's 24-year-old vocalist Teresa Suarez, better known as Teri Gender Bender.
The gender bender is compounded because White House aides are leaking that Ms.
So it isn't really so unlikely after all that the iconic gender bender would call on Swinton to play his wife in the music video.
Here with a brand–new band, the guitarist's latest offering was a spellbinding fusion of styles, all held together by a dark, post–punk pop sensibility, due in no small part to the antics of frontwoman Teri Gender Bender.
Then I heard that my friend filmmaker Pratibha Parmar was at Bologna's Gender Bender Festival last year.
JENNY MEADOWS hopes Caster Semenya isn't a gender bender - because she'd rather keep bronze than miss out on the world title by three hundredths of a second.
But Marivaux skips the clumsiness associated with one gender pretending to be the other, instead allowing his female-to-male gender bender to exploit her new role with certainty and calculation.
It wasn't specific to his celebrity status or reputation as a gender bender.