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gender bender

or gen·der-ben·der (jĕn′dər-bĕn′dər)
n. Slang
1. One whose dress or behavior does not conform to conventional gender roles.
2. Something, such as a theatrical performance or a book, whose portrayal of gender roles is nontraditional or androgynous.

gen′der-bend′ing (-bĕn′dĭng) adj. & n.


1. informal a person who adopts an androgynous style of dress, hair, make-up, etc
2. (Electronics) a male-male or female-female adaptor, used esp for computer hardware
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According to Ted Fields from Radar Films, Carano has been cast as a vixen and in a gender-bender twist from the original movie, will work as the promoter of the fights.
Since they came together in 2004 the New York-based band have taken their gender-bender audacity across the world.
The comeback coincides with a retrospective of Bowie's career and gender-bender style at the V&A in London.
And of course there is Bill Murray, the affable, wacky Pebble Beach golf nut who appears at a pro-am "all witness protection in frayed, faded denim, deck shoes that look like they'd been stewed in bilge and gender-bender shades.
Industry groups supporting the continued use of gender-bender chemicals such as atrazine, a herbicide commonly used on corn, can be expected to fight to keep their products on the market.
Newcomer Douglas Booth will transform himself into gender-bender George in Worried About The Boy.
The actor has reportedly struck up a close friendship with a blonde gender-bender from New York called Our Lady J who sustains in life singing tracks by Dolly Parton, Alanis Morissette and Nine Inch Nails.
IT must have been Bittersweet for Madge when her Geisha girl look of 1999 was copied by gender-bender singer Pete, 48, four years later.
The line-up has not yet been finalised but the favourites include West Ham star Teddy Sheringham's squeeze Danielle Lloyd, 23, Starsky And Hutch TV hero Paul Michael Glaser, 63, rapper Lil' Kim, 32, Bollywood babe Shilpa Shetty, 31, ditched telly host Robert Kilroy-Silk, 64, model Tyra Banks, 33, gender-bender Lauren Harries, 28, American Pie's Tara Reid, 31, A-Team star Dirk Benedict, 61, Wacko Jacko's brother Jermaine, 52, pop clown Leo Sayer, 58, Steps singer Ian Watkins, 30, and BB's first married couple, ex-Chelsea footballer Jason Cundy, 37, and his wife Lizzie.
And she tucked away that gender-bender notion for future use.
Double trouble lay in store for a firm promoting gender-bender dance troupe the Lady Boys of Bangkok.
To quote the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, July 2003: This gender-bender YA novel is written by a British author of more than 50 books who had been a high school English teacher for many years before writing for young people.

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