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Of, for, or associated with persons of one gender to the exclusion of the other: gender-specific health care; gender-specific behavior.


for, characteristic of, or limited to either males or females: gender-specific roles.
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Written by Amna Mufti, the seven episode mini-series highlights women and gender-specific issues in a sensitive and realistic manner.
An inclusive transformative agricultural policy should aim at gender-specific intervention to raise productivity of small farm holdings, integrate women as active agents in rural transformation, and engage men and women in extension services with gender expertise.
Even words for whom the entire purpose is to be gender-specific are suspicious in the eyes of a socially conscious spellchecker.
Such gender-specific roles restrict choices and opportunities for young people, said the Committees of Advertising Practice, which sets the code.
Currently, Origins offers age- and gender-specific residential treatment centers in West Palm Beach and Vero Beach, Florida and South Padre Island, Texas.
Mihalic, & Lisa Tichavsky; "The Provision and Completion of Gender-Specific Services for Girls on Probation: Variation by Race and Ethnicity," by Angela M.
Over the last 20 years, talking about gender-specific services has really meant services for women.
This is hardly surprising given the widespread parental and societal preference to dress infants in the gender-specific colours of blue for boys and pink for girls.
Concerning women veterans, the bill pulls directly from DAVs 2014 study, "Women Veterans: The Long Journey Home," calling for the VA "to conduct a system-wide review of the number of gender-specific health care providers currently in the system" and to "collect and analyze gender-specific data and to develop programs and funding recommendations based on this data.
However some research shows that interventions that are gender-specific seem to be more efficacious and effective than traditional mixed gender interventions (Koos, Brand, Rojas, & Li, 2014).
Recent gender-specific research is supplying doctors with better tools to diagnose and treat women with heart disease.
The recommendation would move the 6A tournament to the Chiles Center in Portland, with a four-day format that includes gender-specific sessions each day.