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Having or making gender-based distinctions: gendered behavior in children; gendered assumptions about the law's fairness.
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1. (Sociology) belonging to one sex rather than another
2. (Sociology) determined or limited by gender
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(ˈdʒɛn dərd)
characteristic of, suited to, or biased toward one gender or the other: gendered diapers.
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OEDIPUS Then had I never come to shed My father's blood nor climbed my mother's bed; The monstrous offspring of a womb defiled, Co-mate of him who gendered me, and child.
"Their father slew his father, sowed the seed Where he himself was gendered, and begat These maidens at the source wherefrom he sprang." Such are the gibes that men will cast at you.
Main problem with such debate emphasizing gendered norms of leadership arises from the fallacy of generalizing the definition of leadership.
more clearly differentiated the subjective sense of self from the behaviors associated with masculinity and femininity." (16) In this view, the gendered self has a private psychological interior.
Admittedly, English is one of a number of languages that's chock full of gendered nouns and pronouns which may make using gender neutral terms seem awkward at first.
However, the within-group differences exhibited in these studies are complicated by findings suggesting that Christians' beliefs regarding gender do not necessarily translate to gendered practices.
Working Paper | Gendered Perspectives on Economic Growth and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa (/publication/gendered-perspectives-economic-growth-and-development-sub-saharan-africa)
In this paper I am particularly interested in exploring gender as a social construction, gendered organizational mechanisms, practices and values, gender discrimination in labor markets and work organizations, and the gendered organization of work.
Gendered practices in institutions of hegemonic masculinity.
In addition to a top-down approach there is also a need for more bottom-up interventions that aim at modifying the underlying gendered structures of constraint, something which is particularly important in areas that are strongly regulated by gender norms.
The aim of the present study is to examine and evaluate gender as a structure of social relations (Lazaroiu, 2014), the gendered character of emotional labor, relationships between gender and public administration, and the gendered aspects of how emotional labor is undergone.