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Relating to a gender identity that is other than conventionally male or female.

gen′der·queer′ n.
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It's not just all white cis men anymore--I've been excited about all the trans and genderqueer performers I've been watching emerge all over the world.
When a person's assigned sex and gender identity do not align, an individual may identify as transgender, genderqueer, or gender fluid for example (5).
After all, it's not just transgender or genderqueer folks who are affected by what Davis calls sex-identity discrimination.
The third chapter turns to 'queer heterosexuality', defined as the attraction to and desire for an MTF crossdresser by a 'normatively gendered' female character, who is 'depicted as being attracted to the very queerness of the entire gender presented to them--attracted to the idea and the appeal of a genderqueer individual' (104).
The YA novels under review in this essay focus on characters pathologized or socially constructed as "sick" or genderqueer.
TBTS is an amazingly comprehensive and accessible resource written by transgender and genderqueer authors.
Founded by Frankie Decaiza Flutchinson, Emma Burgess-Olson (aka Umfang), and Christine McCharen-Tran in 2014, Discwoman is a New York-based collective and booking agency that showcases woman-identified and genderqueer DJs and producers.
Much of the existing scholarship focuses on sexuality and rarely addresses transgender, nonbinary, or genderqueer representation.
Like Manning, Sansfacon, & Meyer (2014), Chapter 2 explores lesser-known terminology, such as genderqueer and gender creative, to acknowledge the spectral and fluid nature of gender, and encourage caregivers to affirm each youth's true gender self.
Trav Mamone is a bisexual genderqueer humanist blogger who writes about the intersections of social justice and secular humanism at Bi Any Means.
Series, and Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and