gene expression

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Noun1.gene expression - conversion of the information encoded in a gene first into messenger RNA and then to a protein
organic phenomenon - (biology) a natural phenomenon involving living plants and animals
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The analysis of gene sequence and gene expression variations allows for the detection of defective genes and polymorphisms associated with specific diseases.
Researchers may someday look at a potential drug's effects on gene expression to determine whether it can change the aging rate.
Specifically, P-TEFb phosphorylates DSIF so that DSIF can switch on and off the process of gene expression.
Chapter 7 deals with gene expression but I recommend that anyone considering real-time PCR read this chapter as a primer for what real-time PCR entails.
The UW DecisionSite license extends to 100 researchers involved in gene expression data analysis.
The partnership incorporates advanced gene expression technology into mainstream drug discovery and development processes to enable Cardinal's biotechnology and pharmaceutical customers to accelerate the discovery of drugs and their development toward appropriate target populations.
"This order of the Rosetta Resolver system by a biopharmaceutical company of the caliber of Immunex is further evidence of the strength of the Rosetta Resolver gene expression system for the analysis of the genetic causes of disease in combination with DNA microarrays," said Stephen Friend, M.D., Ph.D., president and chief executive officer of Rosetta Inpharmatics.
He analyzed how the gene expression patterns correlated to the cancer cells' sensitivities to a subset of these compounds that included all the chemotherapy drugs commonly used today in anti-cancer treatments.
Using an "Extraction-Transformation-Load" (ETL) paradigm borrowed from data warehousing, gene expression data is "published" into a single repository, normalizing diverse data and optimizing it for browsing and easy access.
Research indicates that alcohol affects gene expression (Bachtell et al.
However, in response to stress-inducing external signals or to extensive DNA damage, the cells need to globally reprogram their gene expression pattern, a process that requires extensive remodelling of chromatin to gain access to the regulatory information encoded in DNA.
STEMC7007 works at the protein and gene expression levels to increase: insulin gene expression levels as well as this hormone secretion by the pancreas; glucagon gene expression levels as well as this hormone secretion by the pancreas; somatostatin gene expression as well as this hormone secretion by the pancreas; and glucose transporter gene expression and increase protein levels