generalized epilepsy

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Noun1.generalized epilepsy - epilepsy in which the attacks involve loss of consciousness and tonic spasms of the musculature followed by generalized jerking
epilepsy - a disorder of the central nervous system characterized by loss of consciousness and convulsions
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MRI volumetry of the thalamus in temporal, extratemporal, and idiopathic generalized epilepsy.
In a study with 94 women with epilepsy and 23 control women, those who had primary generalized epilepsy and were treated with valproate had a 55% prevalence of ovulatory failure, said Dr.
PGTC is one of the most severe forms of generalized seizures, accounting for approximately 60% of generalized epilepsy and approximately 20% of all epilepsy cases.
In a study of 114 children with complex partial seizures or primary generalized epilepsy, 60% should have received a psychiatric diagnosis according to the results of four different tests, but only 33% of those children ever received any recognition of or treatment for their psychiatric needs.
Similarly an MRI "should be seriously considered in any child with a significant cognitive or motor impairment of unknown etiology unexplained abnormalities on neurologic examination, a seizure of partial (focal) onset with or without secondary generalization, [or] an EEG that does not represent a benign partial epilepsy of childhood or primary generalized epilepsy, or in children under 1 year of age," the practice parameter states.
Furthermore, Eisai is conducting a global Phase III perampanel study for generalized epilepsy and Phase II perampanel studies in Europe and the United States for partial-onset epilepsy in pediatric patients, as it seeks to expand the range of indications for which the drug is approved.
Perampanel is currently in Phase III clinical development in Japan for partial-onset seizures and Eisai is also conducting Phase III clinical studies as part of a global development program for the drug in the treatment of generalized epilepsy.
LGS is a severe form of generalized epilepsy that develops in early childhood caused by various brain disorders such as brain hemorrhage, encephalitis, developmental malformations of the brain, or metabolic abnormalities.
In June 2015, marketing authorization was granted for Fycompa as an adjunctive treatment for primary generalized tonic-clonic seizures in adult and adolescent patients from 12 years of age with idiopathic generalized epilepsy.
Either newly diagnosed cases of generalized epilepsy without antiepileptic treatment or known cases of generalized epilepsy on carbamazepine monotherapy were included in the study along with the age and gender matched healthy subjects as controls.
Here, we present a patient with generalized epilepsy and movement disorder in the form of myoclonus, and her magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was consistent with bilateral subependymal nodular heterotopia.

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