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n. pl. gen·er·a·tri·ces (-ə-rā′trĭ-sēz′, -ər-ə-trī′sēz)
A geometric element that generates a geometric figure, especially a straight line that generates a surface by moving in a specified fashion. Also called generator.
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n, pl generatrices (ˈdʒɛnəˌreɪtrɪˌsiːz)
(Mathematics) maths a point, line, or plane that is moved in a specific way to produce a geometric figure
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(ˌdʒɛn əˈreɪ trɪks)

n., pl. gen•er•a•tri•ces (ˌdʒɛn əˈreɪ trəˌsiz, ˌdʒɛn ər əˈtraɪ siz)
Math. an element, as a line, that generates a figure.
[1830–40; < Latin]
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The radiation absorption is especially strong in the case of high refractive index, when a wave beam propagates with its phase velocity directed along the resonance cone generatrix. Unavoidable ohmic loss is a great drawback for applications in high-resolution imaging and lithography; however this effect can be used to engineer absorbing coatings.
From these input parameters, the elliptical classical subreflector generatrix is obtained with eccentricity e = 0254, interfocal distance 2c = 4.546[lambda], and axial tilt angle [beta] = 61.842[degrees] [11].
But the end of the generatrix [O.sub.0][D.sub.1] (point [D.sub.1]) describes the curved trajectory [D.sub.1][D.sub.2][D.sub.1], which corresponds to the determinant of the irregular curve, known as <<Conchoid of Nicomedes>>.
However, the working surface of the input or output disc is the spherical surface, which induces the generatrix to be a circular arc.
In general, the rounded square shape has the axis of the handle vertical through the pot body, perpendicular and pointing to the horizontal plane; and a round shape has the axis of the handle perpendicular to the generatrix of the pot body, pointing to the barycentre on the body.
Generally, the lower section temperature during the chamber operation is less than the temperature of the upper generatrix section.
Considering of the variation of revolver radius with generatrix, an arbitrary revolver has to be described with cylindrical coordinate (r, [theta], z).
However, AuraPortal, thanks to its exclusive and innovative system known as Generatrix, offers a user-friendly system which uses checkboxes and drop-down menus to create any type of process, even the most complex, with no need whatsoever for any programming.
For determining critical reduction after rolling the specimens were cut over diameter along the generatrix. Value of critical reduction was calculated by formula [1]:
The simplest logic posits order: the basest survival instinct is insistent appeal for order, for primal form: the whole nervous system's constantly jostled continuities and particularities of thought prompt thought's ultimatum--ordered form (to degree of agnostic, atheistic negation/positivistic BELIEF) in "crystal clear", like we say--giving that "cluster" of, then, centered idea the word "God": gender, generatrix, generator, evermore.
But the end of the generatrix [O.sub.0][D.sub.1](point [D.sub.1]) describes the curved trajectory [D.sub.1][D.sub.2][D.sub.1], which corresponds to the determinant of the irregular curve, known as <<Conchoid of Nicomedes>>.