genetic endowment

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Noun1.genetic endowment - the total of inherited attributes
property - a basic or essential attribute shared by all members of a class; "a study of the physical properties of atomic particles"
hereditary pattern, inheritance - (genetics) attributes acquired via biological heredity from the parents
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genetic endowment, each human being has had a different interaction with
And if you group a bunch of these genes together you can calculate a "polygenic score" for an individual--a number estimating his genetic endowment for that trait.
A minority of respondents viewed the natural genetic endowment in
A second, related reason warrants more than passing notice: the most outspoken and influential eugenics enthusiasts were, virtually to a person, Progressives, many of whom praised, and were praised by, German authorities in the 1930s for their views on the imperative of improving the genetic endowment of the human population.
Will parents want to use germline modification to enhance a child's genetic endowment? Will they be willing to insert into their embryonic offspring a set of genes--should any such set ever be identified--associated with extraordinary mental, physical, or artistic capacities?
It might be summed by Nietzsche's thought that we are "human, all too human." We are swayed by genetic endowment, inconsistent upbringing, psychological defense mechanisms, societal values, limited experiences, and everyday situations, and so on.
Sorgner discusses the human enhancements that transhumanists advocate, via modification of their genetic endowment, pharmaceuticals, implants, and so on, in order to develop super intelligence, increased memory, long health span, extended lifespan, increased physical beauty, and improved morality.
Exercise, habitual activity and genetic endowment all play a role in how much or how little strength changes with age.
I would venture to suggest that this compulsion of continuous expansion is part of our genetic endowment as well--and one we probably share with all other organisms, but who lack our technological capacity to turn the entire globe into their feedlot and dumping ground.
Genetic endowment may be crucially important in developing certain diseases (the incidence of serious chronic diseases rises as people age).
"Whole-genome duplications - the doubling, tripling (or more) of an organism's entire genetic endowment - are an important events in plant evolution," Ming said.
We know that some differences between individuals are linked to variations in DNA sequence (i.e., the genome), but most differences actually are caused by complex interactions between our genetic endowment and the many environments to which we are exposed, by choice and fate.