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Deleterious mutations also contribute to the genetic load, or the degree to which populations suffer from imperfect health due to genetic causes.
In this case, preimplantation diagnosis is not limited to searching the embryo for genes possessing mutations but also for an identical genetic load in the HLA genes.
Dihaploids can also be used to measure the genetic load in the
The fact of the family aggregation of CA (the phenomenon of accumulation of genetic load) was established in families burdened by statistically significant prevalence of the homozygous genotype C/C and by a statistically significant prevalence of mutant polymorphic allele *C in parents of the children suffering from CA.
Control and prevention of the genetic load of hemoglobinopathies in India.
A crusader's rich ardor could not supplant a genetic load.
They inject their modified genetic load into other bacteria.
I decide that in California struggling artists donate sperm, while in the South white supremacists bent on creating an Aryan nation donate in order to enhance their genetic load. (p.
In the Pacific oyster, the high level of segregation distortion is primarily due to a deficiency in identical-by-descent homozygotes caused by high genetic load (Launey and Hedgecock, 2001).
So it leads us to know that our genetic load is potentially quite large for the population, and if we're focusing on just one set of genes or a particular gene, we may be not understanding our whole scope of what our genome component and our whole genetic load might be on the population.
When genetic load is determined primarily by recessive mutations, interactions between the mating system and inbreeding depression should lead to one of two evolutionary stable endpoints: predominant outcrossing associated with strong inbreeding depression or predominant self-fertilization with weak inbreeding depression (Lloyd 1979; Lande and Schemske 1985; D.