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gen·ial 1

1. Having a pleasant or friendly disposition or manner: a genial guest.
2. Conducive to life, growth, or comfort; mild: "the genial sunshine ... saturating his miserable body with its warmth" (Jack London).
3. Archaic Relating to or marked by genius.
4. Archaic Of or relating to marriage; nuptial.

[Latin geniālis, festive, from genius, spirit of festivity; see genə- in Indo-European roots.]

ge′ni·al′i·ty (jē′nē-ăl′ĭ-tē), gen′ial·ness n.
gen′ial·ly adv.

ge·ni·al 2

Of or relating to the chin.

[From Greek geneion, chin, from genus, jaw; see genu- in Indo-European roots.]
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Adv.1.genially - in an affable mannergenially - in an affable manner; "`Come and visit me,' he said amiably"
بِلَطافَه، بِمَرَح، بِطيبَه
nazik/sevimli bir şekilde


[ˈdʒiːnɪəlɪ] ADVafablemente


[ˈdʒiːniəli] advcordialement


adv smile, wavefreundlich; laughherzlich; (= jovially)leutselig


[ˈdʒiːnɪəlɪ] advcordialmente, affabilmente


(ˈdʒiːniəl) adjective
kindly; friendly; good-natured. a genial person.
ˈgenially adverb
ˌgeniˈality (-ˈӕ-) noun
References in classic literature ?
Not this hand complies with my humor more genially than that boy.
My father and I found that we could not look after the inventing and experimental end, and money matters, too, and as Ned had had considerable experience this way we made him take over those worries," and Tom laughed genially.
All right, I'll wait," replied the Pumpkinhead, in a surly tone -- although his face smiled as genially as ever.
Harrison genially one evening when Anne was taking tea with him and Mrs.
I must know that soap," said the gentleman genially.
His flight from the active world, so genially celebrated in this newly published poem of The Recluse; his flight to the Vale of Grasmere, like that of some pious youth to the Chartreuse, is the most marked event of his existence.
I'm sure of it, my dear," asserted the Scarecrow, still smiling genially.
Introduced as Charles, he transferred his scowl and wrath to Tarwater, who, genially oblivious, devoted himself to the fire, took advantage of the chill morning breeze to create a draught which the other had left stupidly blocked by stones, and soon developed less smoke and more flame.
Rochester (so at least I thought) such a wealth of the power of communicating happiness, that to taste but of the crumbs he scattered to stray and stranger birds like me, was to feast genially.
I am sure you have your own branches of knowledge," I took the liberty of saying, genially.
Oh, yes you do, McMurdo," cried Sherlock Holmes, genially.
Stepan Arkadyevitch, without hearing him out, laid his hand genially on the secretary's sleeve.