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 (jē′nĭk, jĕn′ĭk)
Of, relating to, produced by, or being genes or a gene.

gen′i·cal·ly adv.
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(Biology) biology by a genic process
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In the film, Powers is cryo- genically frozen at the height of the swinging Sixties, and travels back in time to do battle with Dr Evil, who has stolen his "mojo" - or sex drive.
I think few would fully endorse King's statement that "The elimination of the genic component in organisms such as Rattus and Mus (since the chromosome races are genically indistinguishable in terms of electrophoretic, mtDNA, or immunogenetic differences), leaves nothing but a chromosomal mechanism that can be associated with induced sterility" (p.
describe a clever analysis of a most unusual hybrid zone in the grasshopper Caledia captiva, from which they attribute 42% of [F.sub.2] inviability to recombination in the hybrid progeny of chromosomally different but genically equivalent populations.