geniculate body

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Noun1.geniculate body - one of four small oval masses that protrude slightly from the underside of the thalamus and function as synaptic centers on the way to the cerebral cortex
neural structure - a structure that is part of the nervous system
corpus geniculatum laterale, lateral geniculate, lateral geniculate body - a neural structure that serves as a processing station on the way from the retina to the occipital lobe of the cerebral cortex
corpus geniculatum mediale, medial geniculate, medial geniculate body - a neural structure that serves as the last of a series of processing centers along the auditory pathway from the cochlea to the temporal lobe of the cerebral cortex
thalamus - large egg-shaped structures of grey matter that form the dorsal subdivision of the diencephalon
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Decreased gray matter concentration in the lateral geniculate nuclei in human amblyopes.
Rudimentary optic tracts, gliotic lateral geniculate nuclei, thinner calcarine cortex was present, but in my case brain was normal.