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1. A tropical American evergreen tree (Genipa americana) having yellowish-white flowers and edible fruits used in preserves or drinks. The fruits yield dark blue dye that is used as a body paint by Indians of tropical America.
2. The reddish-brown fruit of this plant. In both senses also called genip.

[Portuguese genipapo, from Tupí jenipapo, from yandi-ipab, genipap fruit.]


(ˈdʒɛnɪˌpæp) or


1. (Plants) an evergreen Caribbean rubiaceous tree, Genipa americana, with reddish-brown edible orange-like fruits
2. (Plants) the fruit of this tree
[C17: from Portuguese genipapo, from Tupi]


(ˈdʒɛn əˌpæp)

1. a tropical American tree, Genipa americana, of the madder family, bearing a round edible fruit.
2. the fruit itself.
[1605–15; < Portuguese genipapo < Tupi ianipaba]
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Noun1.genipap - a succulent orange-sized tropical fruit with a thick rindgenipap - a succulent orange-sized tropical fruit with a thick rind
edible fruit - edible reproductive body of a seed plant especially one having sweet flesh
Genipa Americana, genipap fruit, jagua, marmalade box - tree of the West Indies and northern South America bearing succulent edible orange-sized fruit
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Broad intervals of economic grade gold mineralization, including ultra high-grade gold values up to 1,005 grams per tonne gold (g/t Au), were intersected near surface at the Genipapo, Micote and Mestre Chico targets.
(12) found 1.1% of ashes in genipapo. It is observed, in this case, that the ashes values of mama-cadela are lower than the values of other fruits, and this may indicate that it presents few minerals in its chemical composition.
No dia a dia ele criou uma obra de arte como um relato de viagem, pintando a "pele com suco de Genipapo azul-preto como um Blackman antes de ir para a Africa".
A cor preta era extraida atraves do genipapo queimado e aferventado na agua junto com as talas de taquara.
We established different environments to this study: two backwaters (Pau Veio and Leopoldo Backwaters), three connected (Patos, Guarana, and Gargas Lakes) and four isolated lakes (Ventura, Fechada, Osmar and Genipapo Lakes), from the systems Parana, Baia, and Ivinheima (Figure 1).
Os maiores diametros miceliais foram verificados nos tratamento BDA + extratos de cambara, seringueira, inga e genipapo, sendo significativamente superiores aos demais tratamentos na maioria dos periodos avaliados (Tabela 3).
A especie Genipa americana, da Familia Rubiaceae, conhecida como genipapo, mostrou-se mais resistente a acao do poluente, apresentando os menores indices de injurias foliares, bem como a menor taxa de acumulo diario de F.
Soon thereafter we made a stop in Aracuai, near which is the Genipapo mine.