genital organ

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Noun1.genital organ - external sex organgenital organ - external sex organ      
reproductive organ, sex organ - any organ involved in sexual reproduction
pudendum - human external genital organs collectively especially of a female
female genital organ, female genitalia, female genitals, fanny - external female sex organs; "in England `fanny' is vulgar slang for female genitals"
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The report had further stated that the dead body was that of a healthy male transgender" of average height and weight", who had a genital organ" missing.
"Pepe" is slang for the female genital organ while "dede" refers to the breast.
Female genital mutilation, on the other hand, refers to all procedures involving partial or total removal of the external female genitalia or other injury to the female genital organ. Thus, partial removal of the tip of the clitoris is accepted in Islam, while total excision of the clitoris is repugnant to it.
There may be many cases in which hypertrophy is mild and patients and their families hesitate to visit a hospital because the affected region is the external genital organ even though they have suspicions or feel that something is wrong about its morphological abnormality.
In this case of female genital organ abnormality, the 3D printing model was satisfactorily consistent with the intraoperative findings.
Male genital organ including seminal vesicle and unremarkable vas deference were also present.
An official at the hospital in which he has been admitted explained that self-mutilation is mostly associated with psychotic disorders and voluntary dismemberment of the male genital organ is extremely rare.
The pathogenesis of uterine or any other female genital organ involvement in cyst hydatid is not clear.
At the moment the bubble bursts, an inflated mass of desire is maximised with a genital organ. The nature of incident is portrayed in contrast between a heavy yang represented with the genital organ and a light yin represented with bubble gum.
Another characteristic peculiarity is that the female genital organ has long and wide pockets on both sides of the vulva, the bursa copulatrix.