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1. Of or relating to biological reproduction.
2. Of or relating to the genitals.
3. Of or relating to the final stage of psychosexual development in psychoanalytic theory, beginning in puberty and during which the genitals again become the focus of gratification, and interest develops in romantic and sexual relationships. The genital stage is preceded by the latency period.

[Middle English, from Latin genitālis, from genitus, past participle of gignere, to beget; see genə- in Indo-European roots.]

gen′i·tal·ly adv.


(Anatomy) from a genital point of view
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Some of my interviewees, for instance, do not conform with the mainstream conception that the bakla is attracted to another genitally male person.
The widow was genitally mutilated and was engaged when she was 13.
(2016) investigated the effects of FGM/C on the female sexual function of genitally mutilated married women compared to the non-mutilated women in Kurdistan province of Iran.
Without timely help from local police officers, Purity Soinato Oiyie, a 22?year-old Maasai woman from Kenya, would have been genitally circumcised as a child then married off to a 70-year-old man, the Commission on the Status of Women heard at the opening of its sixty-second session.
Do free-ranging monkeys preferentially shed virus (or more virus) genitally rather than orally, while captive monkeys shed more orally?
Lightfoot-Klein, "The sexual experience and marital adjustment of genitally circumcised and infibulated females in the Sudan," Journal of Sex Research, vol.
Partly, as indicated in the brush-mouthed VULVA passage quoted above, this genitally bioautographic locus is a matter of sound and voice.
This is because my emphasis here is on the commonalities between children and teens: the main characters in this film share some of the characteristics that have been associated with preadolescent children (queerness, antiritualistic playfulness, idleness, closet-like protection) as well as being in the very process of going through puberty, experiencing and experimenting for the first time with their genitally mature sexuality; pubescent Alex and Alvaro are, in fact, in their early teenage years (and even earlier adolescent years).
We see it again in The Sun Also Rises with a genitally wounded fisherman, Jake, trying to set his lands in order.
Tashi's story shows the social oppression that led women to get genitally mutilated and the effects of it on women and society as a whole.
Eventually the lies, myths, and denial perpetrated by those at the AAP who practice, promote and profit from genitally mutilating healthy children were too much to bear and he took his own life in May."