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Noun1.genlisea - rootless carnivorous swamp plants having at the base of the stem a rosette of foliage and leaves consisting of slender tubes swollen in the middle to form traps; each tube passes into two long spirally twisted arms with stiff hairs
carnivorous plant - plants adapted to attract and capture and digest primarily insects but also other small animals
genus Genlisea - small genus of carnivorous plants of tropical African swamps
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Lentibulariaceae, one of several carnivorous plant families, includes the genera Genlisea, Pinguicula, Polipompholyx, and Utricularia, which are distributed throughout tropical and temperate regions.
Aluminum-hyperaccumulating plants are confined generally to woody, perennial species, although there are several examples of herbaceous taxa that hyperaccumulate aluminum in their leaves: for example, Coccocypselum (Rubiaceae), Genlisea and Utricularia (Lentibulari-aceae), and most Rapateaceae.
The discovery ends considerable puzzlement over lifestyles in the genus Genlisea.