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Noun1.genre painter - a painter of scenes from everyday life
painter - an artist who paints
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'Primarily a genre painter, he transcended the narrow medium, investing his murals and easels with the robust spirit and infectious gaiety of the simple people whose joys and sorrows he captured on canvas with enviable fidelity,' the document reads.
Among the works offered by Salomon Lilian is an intriguing Self-Portrait of the Artist in his Studio by the Golden Age Dutch genre painter Pieter Codde (1599-1678); the artist is depicted tuning a lute, looking a little melancholically at the viewer as he turns away from the conspicuously blank canvas on the easel before him.
One was a piece by Philippine genre painter Slim Torres, the other a smaller work by expressionist Ang Kiukok.
He is widely regarded as America's first genre painter.
The selection of illustrations is curious: why, for example, are there four images by the 19th-century genre painter Moritz Oppenheim, and two images each for Jacques Lipchitz and Amedeo Modigliani, when it surely would have been more illuminating to represent a wider range of artists?
Chardin quickly moved one rung up the ladder to become a genre painter, and although still not a prestigious title, he took the form to new heights.
In 1874, the San Francisco genre painter William Hahn captured not the landscape but this very act in Yosemite Valley from Glacier Point.
Hazlitt demurs from the contemporary view that Wilkie combined the excellences of Hogarth and the Dutch genre painter, Teniers.
Now in a new and expanded edition from the Pelican Publishing Company, "William Aiken Walker: Southern Genre Painter" is an informed and informative history of his life and work, enhanced with the inclusion of 157 color illustrations and 58 black-and-white paintings and drawings.
"As an artist, I am told I am a genre painter; a painter who paints realistically," Mr.
While most of these are more or less anguished abolotionist propaganda, one of the most moving is the entirely matter-of-fact painting of a group of slaves about to be auctioned in Richmond, Virginia, in 1861 by the little-known British genre painter Eyre Crowe.
Bradshaw, a former Lieutenant-Commander in the Navy, trained as an artist under Edward Dingli, a portrait and genre painter, whilst based in Malta.