gentoo penguin

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gen·too penguin

A penguin (Pygoscelis papua) of Antarctic and subantarctic regions, having a white patch or band above the eye and a reddish-orange bill.

[Perhaps from alteration (influenced by earlier English Johnny penguin, gentoo penguin) of Spanish juanito, gentoo penguin, after Juanito, diminutive of the name Juan, John (perhaps used in Spanish to translate English Johnny penguin if the English itself is not a translation of the Spanish).]
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tučňák oslí
Eselspinguinmanchot papou
pinguino papua
pingwin białobrewy
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The new Gentoo penguin has been nicknamed 'Flash' due to its quick arrival at National Sea Life Centre.
The baby is also the first Gentoo penguin to be born in the UK this year.
The Gentoo penguin can beat all other species of its kind when it comes to swimming, boasting of speed up to 22 mph.
From an epic shot of snowboarders surfing the steps of Glasgow's Kelvingrove Park to a gentoo penguin ice skating at Edinburgh Zoo, these images show the magical side of the cold snap.
The gentoo penguin, originally based at Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium, in Auckland, New Zealand, linked up with her family in Melbourne, Sydney on Tuesday.
From Lockroy, another short Zodiac ride lands you amidst a vast Gentoo penguin rookery at Jougla Point.
Images of a gentoo penguin jumping over the waves and a black-and-white portrait of an orangutan are among the category winners in the competition, which awarded adult and junior winners for each of six categories and then overall winners.
Eight pages of color photographs, from Iguaza Falls to a gentoo penguin standing at Port Lockroy appear in the middle of the book.
Your journey starts in a cool ice cavern where you hear and see on a big screen the animated tale of a young Gentoo penguin chick called Puck.
The most remarkable scenes were when Gentoo Penguin Pumpkin wooed Pi, who trainers call the aACAyexpensive penguin' as she played hard to get initially.
Tessa Bickford makes the most of her experiences over two summers as a fur seal researcher on Macquarie Island with this interesting story of a new Gentoo penguin chick as he grows, learns to swim and is nearly ready to undertake his long journey to Antarctica.