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v. gen·tri·fied, gen·tri·fy·ing, gen·tri·fies
To subject to gentrification: gentrify a row of Victorian houses.
To undergo gentrification: a neighborhood that is rapidly gentrifying.

gen′tri·fi′er n.
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[ˈdʒentrɪˌfaɪd] ADJ [area, houses] → aburguesado
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But the ensuing scenario is all too familiar: Long-time economically depressed or working class cities such as Brooklyn and Harlem soon become gentrified by outside investors and developers, forcing out decades-long residents and local businesses by the rapidly inflating cost of living.
When it comes to people factors, the study shows that a place with a mixed population of several different races is far more likely to be gentrified than an area with a very high population of black or Latino residents.
Today, the area has a gentrified look to it, thanks in no small part to the charming little gardens that have been established by owners who clearly care about how their homes look.
Heidi Burkhart, president of Dane Real Estate, said the sale comes as Newark, whose neighbors Hoboken and Jersey City have been transformed and gentrified by commercial and residential developments, continues to attract the attention of developers and builders alike.
NOT SO TASTY: Amoo's tedious take on 'gentrified' Brixton He fails to make a case that gentrification has occurred, or even if it is undesirable.
Christian Slater has sold a modest if not exactly cheap condominium in a postwar non-doorman building at the northern reaches of Manhattan's once-gritty and now largely gentrified Clinton/Hell's Kitchen neighborhood for $1.11 million.
"Every area I grew up in has been totally, utterly bastardised into a gentrified hell hole" - Lord (John) Bird, founder of the Big Issue.
Every area I grew up in has been totally, utterly bastardised into a gentrified hell hole Lord (John) Bird, founder of the Big Issue He is rocking, I can easily see him going on Actor Michael Douglas on his veteran film star father Kirk Douglas, who is approaching 100 All I can do is cry, and that's what happens.
The book delves into the intertwining history of Jews and blacks in Harlem and looks at reasons behind the return of Jews to a gentrified Harlem.
It is the last to be gentrified. It is the Wild West of the five boroughs and it is becoming gentrified.
This three-part series is set in fictional Pepys Road in south London - once home to modest, lower-middle class families, which over the years has become gentrified, bringing new faces and conflict.