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Noun1.genus Acropora - coelenterate genus of order Madreporaria, including staghorn coralsgenus Acropora - coelenterate genus of order Madreporaria, including staghorn corals
coelenterate genus - a genus of coelenterates
staghorn coral, stag's-horn coral - large branching coral resembling antlers
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It is noted as causing diseases such as the White Pox (WP) that mainly affects corals of the genus Acropora. The disease was first observed and described, in the Florida Keys by Holden (1996).
Reproduction, recruitment and fragmentation in nine sympatric species of the coral genus Acropora. Mar.
Two females were found among the branches of live coral of the genus Acropora in a sheltered reef at a depth of 2 m.
The new species was originally thought to be an elkhorn coral (genus Acropora), a species widely distributed throughout the Caribbean that was informally christened Acropora ginsburgi in 1995.
1999, Staghorn corais of the world: A revision of the coral genus Acropora. CSIRO publishing, Australia.
`However fossil evidence, documented by Brian Rosen at the Natural History Museum in London, has shown that the genus Acropora originated in either northern Africa, Spain, Italy or Yugoslavia, but not Indonesia.'
Description of four new species in the hard coral genus Acropora Oken, 1815 (Scleractinia: Astrocoeniina: Acroporidae) from south-east Africa.
The coral genus Acropora is widespread throughout the tropical Indian, Pacific, and west Atlantic Oceans, where colonies are typically a dominant component of the shallow reef assemblage (Wallace 1978; Veron 1986).