genus Agropyron

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Noun1.genus Agropyron - perennial grasses of temperate and cool regions: wheatgrassgenus Agropyron - perennial grasses of temperate and cool regions: wheatgrass; dog grass
liliopsid genus, monocot genus - genus of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seed
family Graminaceae, family Gramineae, family Poaceae, Graminaceae, Gramineae, grass family, Poaceae - the grasses: chiefly herbaceous but some woody plants including cereals; bamboo; reeds; sugar cane
wheatgrass, wheat-grass - a grass of the genus Agropyron
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Cytotaxonomy of the species and interspecific hybrids of the genus Agropyron in Canada and neighboring areas.
The objectives of this study were to: (i) examine the phylogeny of selected populations from the genus Agropyron by means of AFLPs; (ii) examine the partitioning of within and among population variances of selected common crested wheatgrass cultivars; and (iii) compare cluster analyses on the basis of [[PHI]] and Euclidian distance from population bulks.
In the classification system of Barkworth and Dewey (1985), the genus Agropyron is restricted to the group of species with the P genome known as the crested wheatgrasses.