genus Amsinckia

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Noun1.genus Amsinckia - rough annual herbs of Europe and the Americas: fiddlenecks
plant genus - a genus of plants
borage family, Boraginaceae, family Boraginaceae - a widely distributed family of plants distinguished by circinate flowers and nutlike fruit
Amsinckia intermedia, common amsinckia - annual of western United States with coiled spikes of yellow-orange coiled flowers
Amsinckia grandiflora, large-flowered fiddleneck - annual of the western United States having large coiled flower spikes; a threatened species
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Here we report results from a phylogenetic analysis of the genus Amsinckia, a group of western North American annual plants that has apparently undergone frequent evolutionary shifts in the mating system (Ray and Chisaki 1957a,b).
Results from the present investigation suggest that floral barriers preventing selfing have broken down repeatedly in the genus Amsinckia, but that the breakdown products are of short evolutionary duration.