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Noun1.genus Argiope - the type genus of Argiopidaegenus Argiope - the type genus of Argiopidae; small genus of orb-weaving spiders
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
Argiopidae, family Argiopidae, orb-weaver - spiders that spin orb webs; cosmopolitan in distribution
Argiope aurantia, black and gold garden spider - a widely distributed North American garden spider
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Spiders in the genus Argiope sometimes add decorations to their webs in the form of densely woven bands or ribbons of UV-reflective silk.
In both the genus Argiope and the genus Nephila, female size varies enormously among species, whereas male size is relatively constant.
Web decorations" (first mentioned as such by McCook 1889, but also called "stabilimenta" by Simon 1895 and many modern authors) in the araneid genus Argiope consist of numerous flimsy aciniform silk threads (Peters 1993), mostly arranged in zig zag shaped bands (Bruce 2006).