genus Bacteroides

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Noun1.genus Bacteroides - type genus of Bacteroidaceaegenus Bacteroides - type genus of Bacteroidaceae; genus of Gram-negative rodlike anaerobic bacteria producing no endospores and no pigment and living in the gut of man and animals
bacteria genus - a genus of bacteria
Bacteroidaceae, family Bacteroidaceae - family of bacteria living usually in the alimentary canal or on mucous surfaces of warm-blooded animals; sometimes associated with acute infective processes
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They found lower levels of the genus Bacteroides, which are considered "good" bacteria.
At family level, the gut microbiota was generally dominated by Clostridiales family XI Incertae sedis (mean relative abundance 21.8%, with representative genus Ezakiella and Finegoldia ), Enterococcaceae (16.6%, representative genus Enterococcus ), Prevotellaceae (15.2%, representative genus Prevotella ), Bacteroidaceae (6.8%, representative genus Bacteroides ), and Enterobacteriaceae (3.8%, representative genus Escherichia/Shigella ).
The genus Bacteroides fragilis plays an important role in mucosal T-cell homeostasis through regulating the function of T-cell [24].