genus Blarina

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Noun1.genus Blarina - shrewsgenus Blarina - shrews          
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
Blarina brevicauda, short-tailed shrew - North American shrew with tail less than half its body length
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Phylogeography of short-tailed shrews (genus Blarina) of southeast Tennessee.
These species make up the prey base for many small predatory species such as lizards of the genera Scincella (Slater 1949; Lewis 1951; Hamilton & Pollack 1961; Brooks 1964) and Plestiodon (formerly Eumeces) (Fitch 1954), shrews of the genus Blarina (Ritzi et al.
Cytochrome b mitochondrial DNA and 16S rRNA sequence analyses support a monophyletic origin for the genus Blarina, with phylogeographic structuring of northern short-tailed shrews into well-defined groups to the east and west of the Mississippi River basin (9).