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Noun1.genus Candida - a genus of yeastlike imperfect fungi; sometimes included in genus Monilia of the family Moniliaceae
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
Moniliales, order Moniliales - order of imperfect fungi lacking conidiophores of having conidiophores that are superficial and not enclosed in a pycnidium
candida - any of the yeastlike imperfect fungi of the genus Candida
Candida albicans, Monilia albicans - a parasitic fungus that can infect the mouth or the skin or the intestines or the vagina
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In this study, we evaluate antifungal and antibiofilm action in different species of the genus Candida, as well as the toxicity level of the A.
From this percentage, 90% corresponds to the toenails, being the main etiological agents the dermatophytes such as: Trichophyton rubrum, yeasts of the genus Candida spp, presenting a higher prevalence in the nails of hands, and also we find non-dermatophytic molds, such as Fusarium spp, Aspergillus spp, Scopulariopsis spp and Acremonium spp, as responsible for 2% to 20% of the isolates in clinical samples of nails, being its interpretation as causal agent of the frequently complicated nail alteration.
The genus Candida consists of a group of ubiquitous yeasts with diverse characteristics.
krusei), while for the remaining samples the identification was limited to genus Candida. Particularly, 101 out of 156 strains were identified as C.
The genus Candida was identified by colony morphology, Gram-staining, and other standard biochemical reactions [10].
Oral candidiasis is caused by fungi of the genus Candida and one of the most common opportunistic fungal infections of the human oral cavity.
The epidemiological behavior of the genus Candida in the VVC used to be variable and it will depend on the level of estrogens in the vagina, immunosuppression or chronicity of the process [4].
Genotypic identification and characterization of species and strains within the genus Candida by using random amplified polymorphic DNA.
The aim of this study was also to investigate the biotypes of fungi belonging to the genus Candida isolated from the surfaces of mobile phones and the hands of their owners.
Genus Candida comprises more than 500 species, of which around twenty species are commonly recovered from human samples.