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Noun1.genus Ciconia - type genus of the Ciconiidae: European storksgenus Ciconia - type genus of the Ciconiidae: European storks
bird genus - a genus of birds
Ciconia ciconia, white stork - the common stork of Europe; white with black wing feathers and a red bill
black stork, Ciconia nigra - Old World stork that is glossy black above and white below
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Considering the species of the family Ciconiidae, there is a classification of the species of the genus Ciconia in such a way that it reflects a phylogenetic proposal ((C.
Wood's tree is largely congruent with the most-parsimonious trees from this study, except in relationships among species within the genus Ciconia. I performed a parsimony analysis of Wood's (1984) behavioral data matrix, which yielded five most-parsimonious trees, all congruent with most-parsimonious trees from both the weighted and unweighted analyses in this study.