genus Coluber

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Noun1.genus Coluber - racersgenus Coluber - racers          
reptile genus - a genus of reptiles
Colubridae, family Colubridae - nonvenomous snakes; about two-thirds of all living species
racer - slender fast-moving North American snakes
Coluber hippocrepis, horseshoe whipsnake - slender fast-moving Eurasian snake
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occidentalis, two species of racers in the genus Coluber, and the long-nosed snake (Rhinocheilus lecontei), we excised a small tissue sample (<5.0 mm of the tail tip) and stored the tissue in 95% ethanol for ongoing or planned DNA studies on these taxa.
occidentalis, two species of racer in the genus Coluber, and R.
Nevertheless, it is now again referred to the genus Coluber (Whitaker and Captain 2008) again without justifications.