genus Corvus

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Noun1.genus Corvus - type genus of the Corvidae: crows and ravens
bird genus - a genus of birds
Corvidae, family Corvidae - crow; raven; rook; jackdaw; chough; magpie; jay
crow - black birds having a raucous call
Corvus corax, raven - large black bird with a straight bill and long wedge-shaped tail
Corvus frugilegus, rook - common gregarious Old World bird about the size and color of the American crow
Corvus monedula, daw, jackdaw - common black-and-grey Eurasian bird noted for thievery
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The house crow (Corvus splendens Vieillot, 1817) belongs to the genus Corvus, of the family Corvidae with 25 genera (Haring et al., 2007; Khan et al., 2013) has world-wide distribution, except South America and Antarctica (Haring et al., 2012).
Genetic divergences and intraspecific variation in corvids of the genus Corvus (Aves: Passeriformes: Corvidae) - a first survey based on museum specimens.