genus Dendroica

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Noun1.genus Dendroica - a genus of Parulidaegenus Dendroica - a genus of Parulidae      
bird genus - a genus of birds
family Parulidae, Parulidae - New World warblers
Cape May warbler, Dendroica tigrina - North American wood warbler; olive green and yellow striped with black
Dendroica petechia, golden warbler, yellow warbler, yellowbird - yellow-throated American wood warbler
Blackburn, Blackburnian warbler, Dendroica fusca - black-and-white North American wood warbler having an orange-and-black head and throat
Audubon warbler, Audubon's warbler, Dendroica auduboni - common warbler of western North America
Dendroica coronata, myrtle bird, myrtle warbler - similar to Audubon's warbler
blackpoll, Dendroica striate - North American warbler having a black-and-white head
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Genetic and phenotypic differentiation in a wood warbler (genus Dendroica) hybrid zone.