genus Dicamptodon

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Noun1.genus Dicamptodon - type genus of the Dicamptodontidae
amphibian genus - any genus of amphibians
Dicamptodontidae, family Dicamptodontidae - large and small highly aquatic salamanders
Dicamptodon ensatus, Pacific giant salamander - large (to 7 inches) salamander of western North America
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Our observation appears to be the first indication of possible salt tolerance and tidal habitat utilization in the genus Dicamptodon. Other amphibians found in tidal and brackish coastal areas in the Pacific Northwest include Pseudacris regilla (Pacific Tree-frog; Murray 1955; Roberts 1970; Weick 1980; Smith and Reis 1997), and Rana draytonii (California Red-legged Frog; Smith and Reis 1997).
Geographic variation and systematics of salamanders of the genus Dicamptodon Strauch (Ambystomatidae).
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